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Stay Put Cutlery and Bowl in Blue
Stay Put Cutlery and Bowl in Blue
  • Spoon and fork have flexible coils and strong suction pads that attach to high-chair tray to prevent them being dropped to the floor.
  • Allows babies from the approx age of 9 months to feed themselves without the distraction of dropping cutlery.
  • Flexible coil has a retention that gently guides the child's hand back to bowl once they have taken the food from the fork or spoon.
  • Matching bowl also has strong suction pad.
  • Co-ordination and dexterity are so greatly improved that these new-found skills migrate to play and other areas of life as hand-to-eye co-ordination develops.
  • With these new-found skills learned before what previously has been considered normal development, this will benefit the child's confidence through pre-school years and further education.
  • Suitable from 6 months.
  • 1: Moisten suction pad and adhere it to a clean, non-porous surface. such as a high-chair tray.
  • 2: Initially feed the child with the spoon. The child will soon discover that the utensil is attached at one end and becomes interested in this phenomena. Place the spoon in the child's hand. As the mouth is the first sensor of touch the child will feel the spoon with his/her lips.

    The initial reaction of the child will be to pull on the spoon, (this is important) the flexible cord will extend, then gently guide the child's hand back towards the tray. This is because the flexible coil has a memory. To see this in action. pull the spoon and watch it slowly recoil. This recoiling action helps the child to discover the reflexes required when feeding.
  • 3: Put a little soft food on the tip of the spoon and place the spoon in the child's hand. Within a few moments the child will try to guide the spoon to his/her mouth. This motor movement becomes part of the feeding technique and once learned will stay with them for the rest of their life. Watch them smile as they realise they have mastered their new eating skills.
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